Monday, November 2, 2009

rip toby and other halloween events

Beau=golfer. Or 1940's person. Or Newsies boy.
And I'm a puppy!

First stop on our Halloween tour: my english teacher's house. She has the tradition of making doughnuts for the neighborhood/ward (since they are the same thing in Utah) on Halloween. I'm not even a doughnut fan, but they were way good. The garage was a makeshift bakery to cook the 1,000 doughnuts and tables were set up with powdered sugar, regular sugar, glazes, etc.

Next was Spencer and Aly's annual Halloween bash (shown as the old couple on the right). I have fun cousins. And Aly is the best hostess ever.

In other, more saddening news...

In January of 2007, my dear roommate Kate and I brought home a new addition to our dorm, Toby. We had been preparing for our new arrival by polluting the snow with the contents of a free lava lamp from Wells Fargo Bank and filling it with nice clean water for our new friend.

Unfortunately, we got the wrong kind of water conditioner (even though I worked at PetSmart for 3 years? Fail.) and he died in a few hours.

But then we got a NEW Toby, a much better Toby, and he followed us around all over Provo until he passed away this morning in Kate's home. It must be noted that he survived through 10 different homes, several traumatic water changing experiences (that lava lamp had a narrow opening), neglect while Beau had him summer semester, and many minutes out of water and on Katie Smith's kitchen floor while she freaked out that she had dropped him.

Rest in peace, Toby. He was a good little fish.


  1. WOAH. I am amazed Toby finally died. That fish was indestructible! RIP, Toby. You were a good, hardy fish.

  2. What a fun Halloween! Great costumes too! Sorry about your fish.

  3. i can only count 8 homes...what am i missing????
    our dorm, beau's, katie's, page and rick's, katie's little sister who's name i am forgetting at the moment, two colony apts, and mine and brock's place.

  4. oh, liberty square duh. missing one!

  5. oh, i didn't count my colony apt. i don't think he ever lived there.

    i got dorm, page and rick's wymount, katie smith's riviera, our lib square, my spring lib square, beau's lib square, katie smith's wymount, sarah smith, colony, your house.

  6. I transported that stupid fish, also, half of it's water spilled all over me while driving it. damn you fish.